The GripDeck® Story

In 1990 Mike Sant, GripDeck’s Managing Director, worked for Acme Flooring, the inventors of highly successful anti-skid panels for use on public access structures.  Their main product was known as Acme Panels and they were used extensively throughout the UK by local authorities, railways, ports, marinas and industry.

The company was originally named The Acme Flooring & Paving Co. (1904) Ltd. and they manufactured end grain wooden blocks which were used to pave many London streets. The product was later developed to incorporate a top layer of bitumen and aggregate to provide a non-slip surface and this was the forerunner to the highly successful Acme Panel.
In the late 1990’s Mike began designing anti-slip inserts for decking as he strongly believed that there needed to be a more aesthetically pleasing form of anti-slip for deck structures and in November 2000 GripDeck® Limited was established.
GripDeck’s first strips were pre-formed and these were mechanically fixed into recesses in the timber using screws and adhesive. Although the end result was highly effective, their application was a bit time consuming and not very economical for the larger runs.  GripDeck then set about developing a resin insert which was essentially an injection process and today we are on our 7th generation of equipment and automation, capable of producing thousands of metres every day.

GripDeck® – Innovators in the Market

GripDeck® have always been the innovators in the market, demonstrated by its achievements and industry firsts over the years.

GripDeck® were the first to:

  • Offer an anti-slip insert servive, applying inserts to customers own timber
  • Automate the anti-slip application process
  • Define and establish an industry standard with the HSE and test the products to an appropriate British Standard
  • Set up additional UK production lines with large timber companies to allow them to produce anti-slip decking under licence
  • Design and manufacture retrofit products to solve slip issues on existing decks and steps
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