What makes slippery decking so dangerous?

slippery decking

Why decking becomes slippery.

• A build up of algae on the timber is a common cause
• Rotting vegetation and autumn leaves are contributing factors
• All these things are made worse by damp environments, with little sun
• Colder, longer winters also bring snow and ice
• Decking must be cleaned 2 to 3 times a year to keep your deck safe

slippery accidents

Slips and falls can be expensive!

• Average payouts for slips and falls as follows
• Serious hip or pelvis injuries: £2,175 – £76,350
• Severe knee injuries: £15,500 – £56,000
(Figures from National Accident Helpline 2011)

decking insert

The solution – for NEW decking projects

• Specify decking with embedded GripDeck® anti slip inserts
• 2 x GripDeck® inserts per 145mm wide board
• GripDeck® inserts embedded into Softwood or Hardwood
• Almost any size of timber board, smooth or grooved profiles

For new decking projects only

retrogrip inserts

The solution – for OLD / existing slippery decking

• Specify RetroGrip® ant slip inserts, for grooved decking
• A unique retrofit anti-slip solution, for existing slippery decking
• Extremely hard wearing – fits most grooved decking profiles
• Low profile, will not ruin the aesthetics of your decking
• Featured on BBC Radio 2 Innovation Slot

hardwood decking insert

Why specify a GripDeck® product?

• The Original Anti-Slip Decking designers
GripDeck® 5/10 Year Anti-Slip Technology Warranty
• Specialist resins and anti-slip aggregates
Quality & Price Pledge
• Trust GripDeck® – The anti-slip innovators

softwood decking

Technical helpline / websites / demo videos and samples

For more information on GripDeck® and our innovative range of specialist anti-slip products
• Telephone our Technical Helpline 01206 242 494
• View our product pages
• or www.retrogrip.co.uk

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