Accessible outdoor spaces

Making your space more accessible to everyone 

Outdoor decking is a favourite with homeowners and businesses alike for its wide range of applications and its ability to transform an outdoor spaces. Empty back yards and lots can change from uninspiring and inhospitable places to an accommodating and fun area with the simple addition of decking. 

There are however many things you need to do to ensure your space is a safe and accessible place for friends, family and customers, which is why it is best to find a professional company like GripDeck to involve in your project. Private and communal spaces which aren’t taken care of properly are not as safe and accessible as those that are, with the risk of problems like slippery surfaces and weakening timber much more likely. 

Thankfully there are plenty of solutions that property owners can look to in order to create a welcoming, accessible and secure space to enjoy. 

Anti-slip inserts 

Your outdoor space may be perfectly accommodating during the warm summer months, but with the onset of winter it is almost certain it will become slippery during wet or freezing weather. GripDeck offer a variety of solutions to the problem of slippery and dangerous decking during adverse weather. 

One of the most popular of our solutions is our award-winning Retro Grip anti-slip insert strips which can easily be assimilated into your existing decking structure. All of our RetroGrip strips come with a 5 year warranty and a life expectancy exceeding 20 years, offering incredible value for money. 

GripDeck decking 

If you’ve had your decking for a number of years and are considering investing in brand-new decking for a fresh start, with GripDeck decking you have plenty of options available. Our Softwood range of decking is valued for its versatility and is a very cost-effective option which comes in five sizes to suit homes and businesses of all sizes. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something sturdier you may consider our Hardwood timber range which incorporates a variety of woods like Iroko, Ekki and Oak. Our thermally-modified timber is also an excellent choice and is manufactured free from chemicals. You will have the option of plain decking or decking with anti-slip grips embedded in to further bolster safety in poor weather. 

Ramp access 

Disabled people and wheelchair users can struggle if your decking is accessible only by stairs, so it is worth investing in ramp access to open up accessibility to all. Along with providing access for disabled friends and customers, ramps are very useful logistically for transporting heavy appliances and furniture up onto your decking. 

GRP flooring 

An excellent addition to any decking is GripDeck GRP (Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics) which can immediately improve the safety and traction of your decking. Our GRP range includes deck treads, stair treads, sheets and stair nosings to enhance safety and accessibility in all areas of your decking. GRP products are our toughest and hardest-wearing solutions and can be retro-fitted to all kinds of decking. 

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