Trusted Anti-Slip Decking Products

GripDeck® anti-slip decking products transform slippery, dangerous decking into safe, presentable-looking walkways for various uses – including stairs, footbridges, access ramps, pontoons, boardwalks, vehicle steps and railway platforms.

Anti-Slip Decking

Choose from our comprehensive range of GripDeck® anti-slip decking available in SW (softwood), HW (hardwood) and TW (thermally modified timber) by Thermory. All our decking products are offered in a variety of lengths and sizes. You can select either smooth or grooved profiles, with our GripDeck® decking strips pre-bonded into the timber.

No matter the size of your project, our decking products ensure your decking is kitted out with the safest, most effective anti-slip decking technology available.

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GripDeck hardwood anti-slip decking
Composite Decking
GripDeck anti-slip larch decking
GripDeck Factory insert service anti-slip decking

Retrofit Non Slip Strips

If you’ve already laid decking, or want to add our grip technology into your timber, then we offer a variety of retrofit GripDeck® products which can be bought from a number of UK suppliers or direct from GripDeck. RetroGrip anti-slip decking inserts are an award winning system that fits with most standard grooved decking; StadiaStrip is a heavier duty non-slip insert for timber or concrete; and GRP is our glass reinforced plastics which are ideal for making any slippery surface safe to walk on.

GripDeck RetroGrip anti-slip decking inserts
GripDeck anti-slip retrogrip decking inserts
GripDeck stadiastrip anti-slip decking inserts

Anti Slip Panels

GripDeck® anti-slip panels are used extensively across the UK and Europe by the Rail Industry and Local Authorities, providing slip-resistant walkway solutions for bridges, marinas, track crossings and access ramps.

GripDeck anti-slip panels
GripDeck GRP products
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