Autumn Is Just Around The Corner

Autumn Is Just Around The Corner

With the end of summer now approaching and the beginning of autumn soon upon us, now is a good time to prepare your decking for the cooler months.

With the onset of autumn comes the falling of the leaves from the trees, the rain and an occasional frost. All of this will increase the likelihood of the your decking becoming slippery underfoot.

Autumn is an ideal time to be giving the decking a good clean with either a power washer or with water and a stiff broom.  Adding a stain or oiling the decking can also be undertaken now as this may help to prevent water penetration over the winter.

If you have our GripDeck® decking with the factory applied inserts, then staining and oiling can still be undertaken. Just be careful to blot any excess liquid off of the inserts.

The decking in the picture below shows the difference when timber has been brought back to life with an oil or stain. The anti-slip inserts won’t be affected by treatments.

Grey Balau 1

During the wetter and colder months access to gardens via decking is often the quickest and most convenient route. However the decking can be a potential slip hazard if it hasn’t any anti-slip products applied.  So now is the perfect time to apply one of our anti-slip retro fitted products.

Our original RetroGrip product is suitable for grooved decking boards and our new soon to be released RetroGrip Tread50 may be a perfect solution for your smooth decking boards.

Samples of all our products are available from us free of charge.

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