COP26 and Timbers Role in Climate Change

You have probably heard about COP26 and wondered what it is about. It is a conference of governments which have signed the UN Framework Convention of Climate Change. They meet once a year and discuss how to work together; addressing climate change. COP26 was held in Glasgow, this year, where 200 countries were being asked for their plans to cut emissions by the year 2030. Over the 2 weeks of COP26, such topics have been discussed: ways of adapting our changing climate to protect our world, climate finance and reducing carbon emissions.

Decking is made of timber which can either be classed as soft or hard wood. Your decking and other structures that are made of wood would have absorbed Co2 from the atmosphere while the timber was growing- which is one of the discussions the parties of COP26 faced. Wood is one of the most sustainable and environmentally favourable construction materials available due to its ability to absorb carbon dioxide, adaptability and recyclability.

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With the construction environment responsible for nearly 40% of global Co2 emissions, using low carbon renewable sources such as timber is essential for limiting the impact of global heating. Timber’s role in construction is becoming increasingly important as the industry is making greater attempts to find sustainable and renewable solutions whilst meeting demands. The renewable nature of sustainably sourced timber makes timber a key material in the fight to tackle climate change. Sustainable timber is a proven real solution preserving and growing global forests so it is key that the population recognise the need for wood in construction due to its explained properties especially in the time of a climate change crisis.

Sustainable timber production ensures forests are maintained with many trees planted for every one harvested. The FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council is an international organization dedicated to promoting management of world forests, founded in 1933. GripDeck supplies timber decking products certified under the FSC® system. When you specify FSC® timber, it means you can have confidence that you are not only avoiding the contribution of deforestation of world forests but carbon emissions too. 

Ask about our FSC® certified products. Our Timber decking is available FSC® Certified on request.

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