EasyDeck Glacier16 

16 mm thick deck board, in two colours, 193 x 3000 or 4000 mm, gap width 8 mm

Boards from the Glacier range are characterised by the mix of two varying sides. As it can be laid on both sides, the Glacier16 board boasts a finely corrugated surface on one side and a surface with wood character on the other. Randomly placed, curved structures give the surface a visual dynamic. The extra wide deck boards are available for purchase in terra and graphite and are a real eye-catcher as well!

EasyDeck Trend16

16 mm thick deck board, in two colours, 163 x 3000 or 4000 mm, gap width 8 mm

One board, plenty of options. Thanks to its modern characteristics, our wide Trend16wide deck board more than lives up to its name. It can be laid on both sides and is available in the covered terra and graphite colours. Finely corrugated on one side and grooved on the other. Irrespective of your decision, you will enjoy looking at the robust surface for a long time to come.

EasyDeck Trend25

25 mm thick deck board, in two colours, 138 x 3000 or 4000 mm, gap width 8 mm

The Trend25 board is the lightweight of our product range. The unique selling point of this product is the material recesses that are utilised in order to reduce weight. However, this does not make the Trend25 a weakling! The board surface is partially corrugated and available in the warm natural umbra and titan tones. Create a pleasant atmosphere in your outdoor area.


  •  Material with high wood content – no PVC Resistant surface
  •  Coloured material
  •  Natural colour development
  •  Solid products – no hollow section
  •  Amazingly thin – highly resilient
  •  Pleasant barefoot feeling – excellent surefootedness
  •  Low brittleness, does not splinter
  •  Suitable for toys according to EN 71-3
  •  Simple processing just like wood
  •  Systematic laying

Closed materials cycle

If one thing is in our genes, then it is the Cradle to Cradle® principle. It describes a materials cycle, in which products or raw materials circulate within recurring cycles. We have been installing a special returns system since 2005 in order to ensure that our GCC wooden material products can be used. This enables us to retain and use existing material resopurces without a change of quality. This enables us to expand and produce construction productions that conform with the highest quality standard – without additional consumption of new natural raw materials.

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composite decking

GCC conforms to Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold Standard*. Our GCC (German Compact Composite) material has been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold. The certification is awarded by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. This means that our GCC material has received the confirmation that is both human and ecotoxicologically harmless as far as all of the contents are concerned at a global level of quality. The ecological evaluation of the integrated water management and the climate-neutral energy concept during production and the high level of social standards at our production site in Germany round off the comprehensive material and process evaluation in an integrated manner. GCC is therefore conforming with the highest eco-effectiveness standard.

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