GripDeck FAQs

Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What warranty do the products come with?

We offer a 10 year anti-slip warranty on our factory applied anti-slip inserts and a 5 year warranty on our retro fitted products. You can view our full warranty information on our warranty page.

When can I expect my delivery?

We will liaise with you to arrange a suitable delivery date for the decking/larger items. The smaller boxed deliveries are normally delivered within a 48 hour time frame, however if you are not in for these deliveries then the courier will leave a card for you to contact them to rearrange delivery.

Will I need to be there to accept/off-load the delivery?

For the decking and larger quantity deliveries you will be required to be at the delivery address and also to have the manpower/equipment to offload the delivery. The driver will not assist with unloading and you must be able to off load within 20 minutes.

Who will deliver my order?

Decking & larger quantities of the retro-fitted products:
We use a pallet force company, which offer a next day service and an economy service. Deliveries are normally on large vehicles which are curtain sided and do not have a tail lift. You will be required to have the manpower/equipment to off load the delivery. Deliveries are between 8am-5pm.
RetroGrip/RetroGrip Tread 20 & 50/ Stadia Strips (smaller quantities):
These are dispatched via a courier service. We normally use Parcelforce 48 hours’ delivery if this service is available.

How will my delivery be packaged?

Decking orders and larger quantities of the retro fitted products will be delivered on pallets and the smaller retro fitted product orders will be delivered in boxes.

Can I cut RetroGrip to length?

The retro fitted products can be cut to length with an angle grinder using a metal cutting disc or diamond blade. Full instructions can be found on the installation guides for each specific product in our resources section.

How easy are the products to install?

All of our retro fitted products have been designed for easy installation. Each product has its own installation guide which can be found in our resources section.

How long will the retro fit products last?

We offer a 5 year warranty on our RetroGrip range and our Stadia Strip products. Further information can be found on our warranty page.

Are samples available?

We can provide small samples of all of our retrofitted and decking products

Does the Smartboard have any anti-slip inserts applied?

No, the Smartboard composite decking doesn’t have any anti-slip inserts.

What lengths are the composite decking supplied in?

We only supply Smartboard decking 3.6m lengths.

Do I need to treat the decking?

Our softwood decking is already treated with the preservative Tanalith E and our Siberian Larch and Balau Hardwood do not require treatment. However you can still apply an oil/stain to the decking for aesthetic purposes. This will not damage the anti-slip inserts

How do I clean the decking?

You can clean our anti-slip decking the same way as you would normally clean decking, by using a stiff broom with a cleaning solution or a pressure washer. Please take care if using a pressure washer. Use on the lowest setting and not too close to the decking. We would recommend taking a look at the Timber Decking & Cladding Associations guide How To Keep A Timber Deck Looking Good.

How do I cut the decking with the anti-slip inserts?

Full cutting instructions can be supplied, or you can use our cut to length service.

What gap is needed between the decking boards?

We would recommend a gap of 5mm-8mm to allow for the timber to expand and contract.

How do I order/pay for the anti-slip decking?

You can order either over the phone or by email. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by debit/credit card. You can also visit our online store and order direct though the website.

Is GripDeck anti-slip decking structurally graded?

Any deck needs to be sufficiently robust to sustain the likely imposed loads which will differ depending on how the deck is going to be used and by how many people. Typically made from pressure treated softwood, the supporting members of a deck – posts, beams and joists – should be made from structurally graded timber to at least C16.
Structural grading rules apply to timber that is placed on its edge in use rather than in a flatwise orientation. Therefore, strictly speaking, there are no established UK structural grading rules for timber deck boards.

Is there a minimum order value?

No, you can order any quantity that suits your needs.

Does GripDeck offer a design and installation service?

Unfortunately, we do not offer an installation service, however we do have downloadable Timber Decking & Cladding guides to assist you with design and installation.

How long will the timber/inserts last?

The life expectancy of the timber will depend upon the species and the environment that the decking is laid, however as a general rule of thumb, you can expect softwood to last over 15 years and Balau hardwood over 25 years. The inserts come with a 10 year warranty. Full terms and conditions of the warranty are here.

Are the anti-slip inserts available in different colours?

Our standard inserts are grey bauxite aggregate, however we can offer a range of coloured pigmented quartz aggregate inserts. Information on our coloured aggregate choices can be supplied on request

What lengths are GripDeck anti-slip decking available in?

Our stock lengths are as follows:
European Redwood: 3.6m lengths and 4.8m lengths
Siberian Larch: 4m lengths
Balau Hardwood : 2.44m lengths, 2.74m lengths, 3.66m lengths, 4.27m lengths & 4.88m lengths
We can also source alternative lengths and can offer you a cut to length service.

How safe is GripDeck anti-slip decking?

All GripDeck® products have surpassed both the wet and dry anti slip standards as set out by UK Slip Resistance Guidelines, described in the British Standards BS 7976 (part 1-3, 2002). For our full anti slip test results please download our anti-slip test results

Who can buy GripDeck anti-slip decking?

Anyone, we sell direct to the public and trade.

Can you fill all the grooves in the decking with GripDeck insert?

We would normally recommend using 2 or 3 strips of GripDeck anti slip on standard 5 or 7 groove decking.  WeCan fill every groove with anti-slip but this will cost a lot more and will add very little to the non slip quality of your decking.

Can you supply GripDeck decking in any kind of timber?

Yes Pretty much…  We can source most soft and hardwood .  Some timbers are better than other to be used for decking.  For example, some softwood can mark more quickly than others, and so may not be well suited for areas with extremely heavy footfall, especially if the footfall involves stilettos!

Smooth or grooved decking, which is best?

Its really down to your personal preference.  A Smooth deck board obviously has no grooves, which means they are easy to clean but they may hold a little more surface water without the grooves in place to disperse it.

What is the average turnaround time for GripDeck insert service?

We have an average turnaround time of around 1 week for the majority of inert orders.  Turnaround time will vary depending on the nature of your order and the scheduled workload in our manufacturing plant.  Stock items can usually be dispatched with in 24 hours.

Can you supply GripDeck inserts for me to fit myself?

GripDeck® Inserts are factory applied so can not be applied on site.  The resin is injected into the timber under factory controlled conditions and cured in a temperature controlled environment.   If you already have a decking that you need to make anti-slip we can supply our RetroGrip® or Stadia Strip inserts which can be glued to your timber on site or at home.

Can I order any size timber?

The simple answer is yes within reason.  There are restrictions in the sizes available due to sizes of timber board but most sensible option can be sourced

Do you have a returns policy?

It is our general policy not to accept return of goods. In exceptional circumstances standard products may be returned to us within 14 days of date of delivery provided that the customer has written agreement from GripDeck® to such a return. Please see our full Terms and Conditions for further information.


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