Getting Decked out for Easter

As we move from Winter to Spring, the evenings get longer, the mornings get brighter – with more time in the day and better weather, we want to enjoy the warm rays outside while the sun shines. Take advantage of the new life that spring brings to spruce up your deck in time for sunny days this Easter. Here are some ideas to get you started…


Perhaps begin by decorating your outdoor space, sweep the floor and stain for a new and fresh colour. Invest in colourful plant pots to home your brightest flowers. Plant some colourful and vibrant blossoms, perhaps match this to some cushions to place on your garden furniture to tie the colours together to nicely complement your deck. Some party hosting ideas include a barbecue for friends and family or perhaps even an afternoon tea on a sunny Sunday afternoon. You may consider investing in a garden summer house or hottub to make your parties that little bit more fun for friends and family to enjoy. Think about the colour of your garden summer house and stain it, perhaps the same colour as your deck to complement each other or a polar opposite creating a nice contrast of colours to bring a pop to your garden and freshen it up. Create an Easter egg hunt for the younger ones, hiding chocolate eggs in safe places on your decking, in the plant pots, sitting on garden furniture, hiding behind the railing edge. Make your deck this Easter a fun and enjoyable place for you and your family to catch those sunny rays and relax without worrying about your outdoor space looking dated and tired. Check out the Grip deck website for other ideas to renew or invest in a deck for the coming summer.

The GripDeck team would like to wish you all a happy Easter!

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