GripDeck® Inserts – Specify the Best

9 Good Reasons to Specify GripDeck® Anti-Slip Technology 

1. The Original and The Best – GripDeck® engineers designed the original anti-slip decking inserts over 20 years ago and have been improving its design and production ever since. Don’t risk installing a cheaper GripDeck® copy, your clients won’t thank you. 

2. Our 10 Year GripDeck® Anti Slip Warranty -If you find an anti-slip alternative that doesn’t come with a 10 year warranty, ask yourself why? 

3. Diamond Quality Anti Slip – GripDeck® use aggregates with a MOHS hardness score close to diamonds, which means GripDeck® anti slip will NOT polish-up and smooth over with high footfall. GripDeck® anti slip will keep you on your feet for years and protect the timbers against excessive wear. 

4. Automated Production means Better Quality – We have automated the production of GripDeck® inserts, which means the first 10 metres of your GripDeck® anti-slip decking will be as perfect as the next 20,000 metres. No wavy anti slip lines from GripDeck®. 

5. Surpasses Anti Slip Targets – Almost twice the slip resistance required to qualify as “low risk of slip”, a rating previously known as “extremely” low risk of slip. 

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6. Specialist Resins – GripDeck® have worked very closely with leading companies to develop specialist epoxy resins in our anti slip. Inferior resins can bubble and crack, resulting in anti-slip failure. Anti-slip failure could be very costly! 

7. FSC Registered and Hardwood Specialists – GripDeck® are proud to be FSC® registered. GripDeck® are also able to add our anti slip technology to hardwood decking – not all manufacturers can boast this. 

8. Specialist Technical Support – We are able to provide specialist technical support both online, over the phone and in certain circumstances on-site. 

9. British Manufacturing at its Best – GripDeck® design and manufacture in the UK, a stones through from London. We are proud to be the leading exporter of anti-slip technology in the UK and our innovative products have been featured on the BBC. 

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