GripDeck with Thermory

GripDeck with Thermory

We at GripDeck® are very excited to announce GripDeck with Thermory, a partnership between us and the leading specialist manufacturer of thermally modified decking.

Our new partnership means that you will now be able to purchase top of the range GripDeck® anti-slip decking inserts within top of the range thermally treated solid timber from Thermory.

Mainly working in ash hardwood, for its superior qualities produced after thermal treatment, Thermory also produce their thermally treated decking in pine.

Thermal modification is a computer controlled process which is carried out in specialised Finnish kilns at high temperatures. Only steam and heat are used with no added chemicals.

So why buy thermally treated timber for your decking?  Thermally treated timber improves stability and durability; reducing the potential of the wood to twist or warp, whilst also helping to eliminate potential mould and the chances of rotting.

And now you can purchase longer lasting timber with GripDeck® anti-slip inserts to make your deck even safer for longer.

To find out more or to request a free sample, please contact us at or phone 01206 242 494.

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