GripDeck Insert Service

Factory-Applied Anti-Slip Decking Grip Inserts

GripDeck® Decking Insert Service is a factory applied process where we bond anti-slip decking grip inserts into YOUR timber. Send in your softwood or hardwood timber to our factory and we’ll aim to turn around your order within 2-5 days.

10 Year Warranty on All Anti-Slip Inserts

GripDeck® anti-slip decking grip inserts are highly effective; made from specialist resins and hard-wearing anti-slip aggregates bonded directly into your timber. Once bonded, GripDeck® inserts deliver a high performing anti-slip finish for your decking that will last for years. Only GripDeck® inserts come with a 10 Year Warranty. We will not be beaten on price or quality.

How to Make Your Decking Anti-Slip, Fast

We deal with construction firms of all sizes every day, so we understand the importance of a fast turnaround. We offer the quickest, most effective way of making decking anti-slip, whether you’re based in the UK, Ireland or mainland Europe.

Please get in touch if you would like more information.

GripDeck Anti-Slip Decking Insert Service

For a quicker and more effective service we recommend sending us your timber before softwood treatment as GripDeck® anti-slip inserts bond best to untreated timber. Our GripDeck® inserts will not be harmed by the timber treatment process after they have been bonded to your timber.

We also offer a 2 day turnaround service depending on manufacturing capacity. Please note we cannot add GripDeck® inserts to your timber if wet with treatment fluids and so all pre-treated timber must first be air dried before we can add our inserts. This can add up to 5 days to production timings.

Customised For Your Decking Insert Requirements

Number of Inserts
Choose from any number of inserts for your decking. We recommend at least 2 or 3 GripDeck® inserts, or as many as you need to ensure constant contact with an anti-slip surface.

Colour of Decking Grip Insert
We offer a range of coloured aggregates for your anti-slip inserts.

Hardwood or Softwood, Smooth or Grooved Decking
We can bond GripDeck® inserts to almost any type of timber decking, retaining a flat profile if required.

Size of Aggregate
Depending on your requirements, we provide a range of aggregate sizing from standard grade through to rural grade

FSC® Certified
We hold FSC® certification so are able to act as an outsourcer for your FSC® certified timber

How Many Anti-Slip Decking Inserts Should You Have?

antislip insert example
3 anti-slip inserts
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