Keep Bonfires a Safe Distance from Timber Structures

Remember, remember the 5th of November

When building your bonfire, it’s key to think about the location. You may wish to watch the fireworks from the comfort of your home, perhaps on your very own decking. Building your bonfire underneath trees or next door to your shed is asking for trouble! Before you start building your log pile, look around your garden to see if there are any potential fire hazards nearby and make sure to build your bonfire as far away from them as possible. It is important to set up your bonfire and fireworks away from your decking and guests to prevent any unwanted accidents this fireworks night.

This year, there are more at-home bonfires expected than ever before. It’s key to know how to make these events run as safely as possible.Have confidence in knowing you’re not only having fun celebrating Bonfire Night, but you’re making sure animals, loved ones and your decking is kept safe and sound.

Protecting animals and wildlife
One of the biggest wildlife issues regarding bonfire night is the risk of endangering hedgehogs hiding in the firewood, they see the log piles as the perfect place to shelter in our gardens and then get caught in the fire once it’s lit. In fact, there are now thought to be fewer than a million hedgehogs left in Great Britain. With more back garden bonfires taking place this November there’s an even greater threat to hedgehogs than usual, so we all need to be vigilant.
Hedgehog – Wikipedia


Remember to keep pets indoors, supervise young children with sparklers and never return to a pre lit firework. After the party, pour water on the remainder of the bonfire instead of leaving it to burn out. Ensure that you haven’t left any unlit fireworks laying around as you don’t want any nasty accidents in the days following, perhaps a quick sweeping of your decking to rid any rogue rockets.

Follow these top tips and your Bonfire Night should be one to remember!

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