Looking after your timber decking in winter

Timber decking in the winter months

With the cooler months now upon us, it is important to keep your decking inviting and in prime condition. During the autumn season it is ever more important to maintain your deck due to the shortly approaching wet and frosted days, that may bring a slippery and faded feel to your decking. So now is the perfect time to prepare your deck to keep it in perfect form over the breezier weeks.


It is key to routinely clean your deck to conserve its welcoming and tidy appearance- keep it free of the crisp autumn leaves, use a deck wash and pressure washer or stiff broom as an effective and quick way to keep your decking free from any stubborn build ups. Ensure your deck is clean before staining or the decking cleaner can be used over stains. 

Staining is also a great way to rejuvenate and help prevent water penetration of your deck, and is relatively simple to do. With a clean and dry deck, apply a stain using a decking applicator made from microfibre to evenly coat the wood, use a wide paintbrush to apply the stain in corners and difficult to reach areas. With regular staining and maintenance- the natural wood shade will be preserved whilst preventing the impact of the elements.

clean decking

If the possibility of your decking – without anti-slip inserts – becoming a slip hazard is a concern of yours, perhaps install our RetroGrip for grooved decking or our RetroGrip Tread for smooth decking.

Retrogrip decking insert

A combination of perfect maintenance and installation of RetroGrip anti-slip inserts will allow you to keep your decking healthy and inviting in the rainy days of autumn or the brighter days of summer. Family and friends will be sure to comment on the appealing look of your clean and alluring deck when hosting your next event for your loved ones- perhaps a Halloween party in late October days or an alluring view of fireworks from your very own decking.

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