New Year, New Deck

New Year, New Deck

Whether you’ve already got decking at your property, or you are considering transforming your outdoor space, investing in new decking brings plenty of benefits. Decking is an excellent way to experience the beautiful outdoors whilst still enjoying the stability and safety that infrastructure offers, and it’s also ideal if you plan on having outdoor appliances and furniture like a barbecue or outdoor seating. 

Do you need a new deck? 

If you already have decking installed, it may be worth considering new decking for a number of reasons. Firstly, general wear and tear can gradually lower the quality of your decking which necessitates investing in brand new decking. Examine your existing decking or bring in professionals such as GripDeck to take a close look and search for any signs of wear or damage. If there are any signs of rotting or compromised structural integrity, you will need to carry out immediate repair or replacement work as a failure to do so could put individual safety at risk. 

Get ready for the spring time 

The new year always brings with it a series of cold months, quickly we find ourselves looking forward to more mild weather. When that weather finally arrives, and mother nature reinjects some colour to our surroundings, the idea of being outside suddenly becomes more appealing. Decking is the perfect way for homeowners and businesses to take advantage of their outdoor space and add a touch of class to it. Start envisioning how decking could transform your property or business and you can have your new decking installed in time for spring! 

Upgrading your existing deck 

Although your current decking situation may be functional, it may look very tired and worn or simply isn’t as aesthetically pleasing and durable as modern decking. If this is the case, then it is undoubtedly worth looking into a new decking solution with GripDeck. As well as investing in good, old-fashioned plain decking, there are plenty of additional options open to you including anti-slip decking, grip inserts and even thermally modified timber decking to suit your needs. 

Explore our incredible range 

At GripDeck we provide a wide range of decking solutions to meet the needs of all kinds of properties and establishments. We offer both Softwood and Hardwood decking as well as thermally-modified decking, so you’re sure to find the perfect kind of decking for you and your property. Our softwood is manufactured from European Redwood tinder and comes in 5 different sizes of thickness, while our hardwood range is available in a number of different high-quality woods.

If you aren’t interested in a full revamp of your existing decking, you may still want to consider some of our excellent additions and accessories which have a lot to offer to any property. Our award-winning RetroGrip anti-slip inserts are a cost-effective method of improving the safety of your decking and can be installed in minutes, while our StadiaStrip anti-slip inserts are heavy-duty anti-slip treads ideal for busy areas. 

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