GripDeck® The Original Non Slip Decking Supplier

GripDeck® is the original supplier of non-slip decking inserts and Retrofit anti-slip inserts for decking.  Decking can quickly become slippery due to algae growth, dirt and oil on the board.  GripDeck’s special formulated non slip inserts provide you with secure and grippy  surface for your decking in all conditions.  Any species of timber can have GripDeck® inserts applied.  A standard 145mm wide decking board would require 2 GripDeck® inserts of 8mm.  GripDeck can Supply you with any specification of timber you require, or you can source your own timber and send it to us to have GripDeck® inserts applied.

If you already have a deck installed see our Retrogrip® retrofit inserts.

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