Outdoor Decking lights at Christmas

Lighting up your decking for Christmas

The calendar has flipped from November to December and jump started the Christmas countdown. For many, the holiday means decorating the house from top to toe with tinsel and baubles, but why stop at the front door? Perhaps have a look at the following festive outdoor decking ideas!

Outdoor lighting is simply a must-have during the Christmas season and all year round! While some may opt for the traditional idea of wrapping outside fairy lights around pillars and doorways to illuminate their deck, perhaps you may consider lining your banisters around your decking with LED lights to brighten your outdoor space this Christmas. 

Christmas Decking

Decorating your deck railings with festive garlands is a perfect way to bring the Christmas spirit out of the house and into your outdoor space. Maybe consider further decorating these natural christmas touches with fairy lights or tinsel to convert your deck to a wonderfully decorated space this winter. Think about shades and colours to decorate your outdoor space with, for example, if your deck boards are a dark brown perhaps opt for a burnt red or forest green to compliment the shade of your deck. Adding a christmas wreath to your door overlooking your decking is the perfect outdoor decoration combined with decorative ribbon and pine cones, perhaps even to tie in and match the colours of your deck. 

Think about staining your deck this winter to prevent it from feeling washed out, simply brush on a stain to achieve a warmer festive feeling. This will not only feel more inviting accompanied with your newly added decorations but also provides a clear finish to impress your guests this year.

Lastly, as temperatures drop surfaces become a lot more slippery which may become a health hazard. To ensure your deck is safe and enjoyable all year round it is best you give your decking a good clean every now and then, even with anti-slip inserts. Cleaning your decking will remove any build ups that can become slippery during the colder months and will also improve the lifespan of your decking, ready for even next year’s Christmas!


Gripdeck is wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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