Retrogrip® Non slip decking inserts installation video

1. Drop your RetroGrip® insert into the decking grooves to check it fits, or measure up against our profile diagram


We recommend 2 RetroGrip® inserts per standard width deck board, to ensure good anti slip coverage.

2. CLEAN YOUR DECK then pump a generous line of Geocel theWorks Adhesive or equivalent into a clean and dry decking groove, the length of each insert.
A generous line of adhesive is filling the groove to within 2-3 mm of the top of the decking board / groove.

3. Drop in the insert and push down level. Glue and drop in 1 insert at a time. DO NOT leave the adhesive for longer than 20 seconds before dropping in the RetroGrip® insert.

4. Wipe off any excess adhesive from the decking.

5. Leave for for 12 / 24 hours to cure. DO NOT walk on during this time. Leave for longer to cure if the outside temperature is below 5 degrees centigrade.

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