smartboard composite decking

SmartBoard Composite Decking

A reversible deckboard with a matt, brushed, modern looking finish, The Smartboard composite decking is an obvious choice for the discerning builder. Made specifically to emulate softwood decking, it fits in a very similar way, giving ease of use for landscapers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

It comes with a 25 year manufacturers warranty, and in three stylish matt colours that will last for years to come. Chocolate brown is similar in appearance to dark tropical hardwoods. Battle Ship Grey and Slate sit at either end of the grey spectrum and compliment the growing trend for dark bi-fold doors and garden furniture.

SmartBoard is super easy to install and results in a lovely natural looking and feeling outdoor surface. SmartBoard is a composite decking with all the benefits of solid wood and traditional decking and more!

The solid structure and special formulation of SmartBoard means it can be face fixed with colour coded screws to retain that classic look more generally associated with timber decks. Manufactured from waste wood residue combined with recycled hard plastic such as shampoo bottles also makes it environmentally friendly.

Use SmartBoard® Colour Co-Ordinated Screws

For maximum control and perfect finish use a high quality cordless impact driver, stopping the screw head flush with the decking board. If using a combi-drill and a suitable torque setting can’t be established then take care not to drive the screw too far below the surface of the board when in drill mode (it is wise to stop short of the surface of the board and manually twist the chuck of the drill to achieve optimum screw depth).

What to Expect

Expect some colour variation to exist between boards upon fitting them, the colour of boards will become more consistent with time. It is also normal for the striped look of the ribbed face to become less evident with time.  SmartBoard may become marked if scuffed during fitting or in use. Marks caused by scuffing are normal and will gradually fade with time.  It is normal for tide mark type water staining to appear on new SmartBoard composite decking after the first few bouts of heavy rain. The appearance of tide marks will diminish and become less apparent with time as the washing effect of rain diminishes and the weathering effect of ultra-violet light takes place.

Cleaning SmartBoard

Chocolate Brown and Slate coloured board are better at hiding grime compared to the much lighter Battleship Grey. Whereas staining created by fat/oils from food stuffs will be more evident on the darker Chocolate Brown and slate. Regarding removing fatty stains the use of washing up liquid is as good as anything.  The use of a pressure washer is also fine, whilst taking care not to damage the surface of SmartBoard by placing the lance too close.  It is also wise to clean a small test area and let it dry before cleaning the whole deck with a pressure washer.

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