Make your Decking Non Slip for Winter

Stopping the slip in the colder months.

When the frost of winter starts enveloping the ground as temperatures drop, unfortunately many surfaces including decking become a lot more slippery which causes a significant health hazard. Decking should be accessible and enjoyable all year round, and safety is particularly paramount if decking is in a public place or sees a high amount of traffic each day.

In order to keep decking safe and reliable underfoot over the course of winter, there are a number of strategies open to property owners ranging from daily/weekly treatments to investing in new hardware. If you’ve been having trouble keeping your decking slip-free during the colder months, continue reading below to learn more about Grip Deck’s top strategies.

Anti-slip inserts

At GripDeck we sell the award-winning RetroGrip inset strips which offer strong grip to existing decking. This solution is ideal if you don’t want to make any major refurbishments to your decking, or if you’ve just invested in fresh decking and don’t want to pull it all up again.

These anti-slip inserts seamlessly fit into standard grooved decking to instantaneously offer grip and traction over the winter. You won’t even need to pay for professionals to install them as they can be done DIY in a matter of minutes.

Our inserts come with an amazing 5 year warranty (and a life expectancy of 20 years) so you can count on getting value for money, and you have a choice of silver aluminium or powder grey aluminium to match to your decking.

retrogrip decking inserts

Invest in proper non-slip decking

If you’ve long had trouble with slippery decking it is worth thinking about having top quality anti-slip decking installed. GripDeck anti-slip decking comes in Softwood, Hardwood and thermally-modified material so there are plenty of options open to you. All of our decking comes fitted with anti-slip strips to provide even more grip during the slippery winter months.


The softwood option is an excellent choice for all kinds of environments and comes at a more affordable price compared to hardwoods. The decking boards come in five different sizes of thickness and two widths, so you can settle upon the ideal dimensions for your needs.


Our excellent quality hardwood timber is available in a range of woods including Ekki, Opepe, Oak, Yellow Balau and Iroko in a variety of sizes. If you are investing in decking for the long-term then hardwood is undoubtedly value for money as it has greater longevity compared to other options.

Thermally-modified timber

Our thermal timbers are totally free from chemicals and are very versatile, making them ideal for decking which will be used for a variety of purposes. Although our thermal board can be made both plain or embedded with anti-slip grips, if you have had problems with slipperiness in the winter it is best to get the anti-slip option.

Frequent cleaning

Even with the best anti-slip technology it is still advisable to give your decking a good clean every now and then. Cleaning helps to remove algae, dirt and other substances which can become slippery during the winter and will also improve the longevity of your decking.

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