Summer’s Coming…!

Anti Slip Decking for your Garden

What with the last week’s mini heatwave you can’t help but feel that summer is officially coming. It is now the time to start thinking about making improvements to your garden or communal work space, it’s time to get outside, absorb some well earned vitamin D and enjoy the sunshine and the feeling that being with nature brings.

One quick and easy way to get your outdoor environment up to scratch and safe for everyone to use, is to install some anti-slip decking into your outdoor space. Or perhaps if you are already lucky enough to have a deck in your garden, why not think about improving it even further by retro-fitting some anti-slip RetroGrip decking inserts to keep it slip safe all year round?

We offer all our customers, trade or general public, the most competitive prices available on the market. We seek to match or beat any quotes from other decking companies for purchase, installation or consu

ltation. We also offer a wealth of resources, samples, videos and specifications sheets to help you install or plan your deck improvements. Please get in touch if you would like more information or to get a quote.

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