Which anti slip solution will work best

Which anti slip solution is best for my use?

 GripDeck®inserts – Our anti slip in your timber

 This is our factory applied solution. Timber decking is sent our UK production facilities and we bond our GripDeck® inserts directly into your timber, using a specialist epoxy resin. This provides the most hard wearing anti slip solution, as the resins used are both flexible and strong. The result is an excellent anti slip solution added to your timber that will last for years. Whilst there is a cost of sending in your timber to us, we would expect our GripDeck® inserts to easily last as long as your timber, (under normal use) which represents excellent value. We will guarantee our GripDeck® inserts against failure for 10 years. GripDeck® inserts can be added into flat or grooved timber decking, hardwood or softwood. We recommend 2 x 6mm wide GripDeck® inserts per standard deck board.

GripDeck®decking – Our anti slip and our timber

If you do not want to go to the expense of sending your timber into our factory, you can always order your timber from us, with our GripDeck® inserts pre-bonded into the decking. This will save you money on transport costs. We can turn around most standard softwood orders in 48 hours, subject to payment and stocks. We can supply most species of softwood and hardwood decking, in a range of sizes. Our decking comes with a 10 year anti slip technology warranty.

StadiaStripTM– 12mm wide or 23mm heavy-duty strips

If you do not want to go to the expense of sending your timber into our factory or if you already have your decking in hand (but NOT installed) we can send you StadiaStripTMfor you to install yourself. It is far more heavy duty and hard wearing than RetroGrip®.

Installed using adhesive and sometimes screws, StadiaStripTMalso comes with a 5 year anti slip technology warranty. You will need to cut out a 12mm or 23mm wide channel to install the StadiaStripTM. We recommend 2 x 12mm strips per standard board. StadiaStripTMis cheaper to transport than timber but costs more than GripDeck® inserts or GripDeck® Decking to supply. StadiaStripTMcomes in 1.2m lengths.

RetroGrip®– The best retro-fit solution for grooved decking

If you have grooved decking that is already installed, then RetroGrip® is for you. Send for a sample pack to make sure it fits and install into the groove of your clean decking grooves using a specialist adhesive. RetroGrip® is not as hard wearing as GripDeck® inserts or StadiaStripTMand as such comes with a lesser 5 year warranty. If you have a high footfall area we recommend that where you can, you install GripDeck® Decking or inserts, or StadiaStripTMstrips rather than RetroGrip®. We recommend 2 x RetroGrip® inserts per standard board. RetroGrip® comes in 1.0mlengths. RetroGrip® are available in aluminum finish or powder coated grey

Contact us at sales@gripdeck.co.ukor on 01206242494 and we will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote for our anti slip products.

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